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Installing on Windows

64-bit Windows 10.0.17763 or later is required to run WezTerm; running on earlier versions of Windows is not possible, as WezTerm requires Pseudo Console support that was first released in Windows 10.0.17763.

You can download a setup.exe style installer to guide the installation (requires admin privileges) or a simple zip file and manage the files for yourself (no special privileges required).

Windows (setup.exe) Nightly Windows (setup.exe)

WezTerm is available in a setup.exe style installer; the installer is produced with Inno Setup and will install wezterm to your program files directory and register that location in your PATH environment. The installer can be run as a GUI to guide you through the install, but also offers the standard Inno Setup command line options to configure/script the installation process.

Windows (zip) Nightly Windows (zip)

WezTerm is also available in a simple zip file that can be extracted and run from anywhere, including a flash drive for a portable/relocatable installation.

  1. Download Release
  2. Extract the zipfile and double-click wezterm.exe to run the UI
  3. Configuration instructions can be found here

For winget users

If you prefer to use the command line to manage installing software, then you may wish to try winget. winget is installed as part of the App Installer that is available from the Microsoft Store.

Once you have winget, you can install wezterm like so:

$ winget install wez.wezterm

and to later upgrade it:

$ winget upgrade wez.wezterm

For Scoop users

Another option if you prefer to use the command line to manage installing software, is Scoop.

Wezterm is available from the "Extras" bucket and once you have installed scoop itself can be installed like so:

$ scoop bucket add extras
$ scoop install wezterm

For Chocolatey users

If you prefer to use Chocolatey to manage software, wezterm is availabe from the Community Repository. It can be installed like so:

$ choco install wezterm -y