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wezterm ssh

Establish an ssh session

Usage: wezterm ssh [OPTIONS] <USER_AT_HOST_AND_PORT> [PROG]...

          Specifies the remote system using the form: `[username@]host[:port]`.
          If `username@` is omitted, then your local $USER is used instead. If
          `:port` is omitted, then the standard ssh port (22) is used instead

          Instead of executing your shell, run PROG. For example: `wezterm ssh
          user@host -- bash -l` will spawn bash as if it were a login shell

  -o, --ssh-option <name=value>
          Override specific SSH configuration options. `wezterm ssh` is able to
          parse some (but not all!) options from your `~/.ssh/config` and
          `/etc/ssh/ssh_config` files. This command line switch allows you to
          override or otherwise specify ssh_config style options.

          For example:

          `wezterm ssh -oIdentityFile=/secret/id_ed25519 some-host`

          Enable verbose ssh protocol tracing. The trace information is printed
          to the stderr stream of the process

      --class <CLASS>
          Override the default windowing system class. The default is
          "org.wezfurlong.wezterm". Under X11 and Windows this changes the
          window class. Under Wayland this changes the app_id. This changes the
          class for all windows spawned by this instance of wezterm, including
          error, update and ssh authentication dialogs

      --position <POSITION>
          Override the position for the initial window launched by this process.

          --position 10,20          to set x=10, y=20 in screen coordinates
          --position screen:10,20   to set x=10, y=20 in screen coordinates
          --position main:10,20     to set x=10, y=20 relative to the main
          --position active:10,20   to set x=10, y=20 relative to the active
          --position HDMI-1:10,20   to set x=10, y=20 relative to the monitor
          named HDMI-1

  -h, --help
          Print help (see a summary with '-h')