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wezterm cli activate-pane-direction DIRECTION

Since: Version 20221119-145034-49b9839f

The functionality described in this section requires version 20221119-145034-49b9839f of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Run wezterm cli activate-pane-direction --help to see more help

Changes the activate pane to the one in the specified direction.

Possible values for DIRECTION are shown below; the direction is matched ignoring case so you can use left rather than Left:

  • Left, Right, Up, Down to activate based on direction
  • Next, Prev to cycle based on the ordinal position in the pane tree.


Activate an adjacent pane in the specified direction

Usage: wezterm cli activate-pane-direction [OPTIONS] <DIRECTION>

  <DIRECTION>  The direction to switch to [possible values: Up, Down, Left,
               Right, Next, Prev]

      --pane-id <PANE_ID>  Specify the current pane. The default is to use the
                           current pane based on the environment variable
  -h, --help               Print help