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By default, wezterm will use an appropriate system-specific method for locating the fonts that you specify using the options below. In addition, if you configure the font_dirs option, wezterm will load fonts from that set of directories:

-- This tells wezterm to look first for fonts in the directory named
-- `fonts` that is found alongside your `wezterm.lua` file.
-- As this option is an array, you may list multiple locations if
-- you wish.
config.font_dirs = { 'fonts' }

wezterm will scan the font_dirs to build a database of available fonts. When resolving a font, wezterm will first use the configured font_locator which is typically the system specific font resolver. If the system doesn't resolve the requested font, the fonts from font_dirs are searched for a match.

If you want to only find fonts from your font_dirs, perhaps because you have a self-contained wezterm config that you carry around with you between multiple systems and don't want to install those fonts on every system that you use, then you can set:

config.font_locator = 'ConfigDirsOnly'