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Since: Version 20220903-194523-3bb1ed61

The functionality described in this section requires version 20220903-194523-3bb1ed61 of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Activates Character Selection Mode, which is a pop-over modal that allows you to browse characters by category as well as fuzzy search by name or hex unicode codepoint value.

Characters are categorized into the following groups:

  • "RecentlyUsed" - recently selected characters, ordered by frecency
  • "SmileysAndEmotion"
  • "PeopleAndBody"
  • "AnimalsAndNature"
  • "FoodAndDrink"
  • "TravelAndPlaces"
  • "Activities"
  • "Objects"
  • "Symbols"
  • "Flags"
  • "NerdFonts" - glyphs that are present in Nerd Fonts
  • "UnicodeNames" - all codepoints defined in unicode

The following key assignments are available (they are not currently configurable):

Key Action
UpArrow Move Up
DownArrow Move Down
Enter Accept the current item, copy it to the clipboard, insert it into the active pane, and cancel the modal
Esc Cancel the modal
CTRL-g Cancel the modal
CTRL-r Cycle to the next group of characters
CTRL-SHIFT-r Cycle to the previous group of characters
CTRL-u Clear text input

Typing a name or a hex unicode codepoint value will fuzzy search across all possible groups (not just the current group) and filter the results.

This action is by default assigned to CTRL-SHIFT-U (U for Unicode).

The default assignment is equivalent to this config:

-- Control the size of the font.
-- Uses the same font as window_frame.font
-- char_select_font_size = 18.0,

config.keys = {
    key = 'u',
    mods = 'SHIFT|CTRL',
    action = wezterm.action.CharSelect {
      copy_on_select = true,
      copy_to = 'ClipboardAndPrimarySelection',

The CharSelect action accepts a lua table with the following fields:

  • copy_on_select - a boolean that controls whether hitting Enter to select an item will copy to the clipboard, in addition to sending the item to the active pane. The default is true, but you can set it to false if you prefer.
  • copy_to - allows you to control where the item will be copied to. Accepts the same values as CopyTo. The default is 'ClipboardAndPrimarySelection'.
  • group - an optional group to pre-select. You may use any of the groups listed above (eg: "SmileysAndEmotion"). If omitted, wezterm will default to "RecentlyUsed" if you have previously selected an item, or "SmileysAndEmotion" otherwise.

See also: * char_select_font_size * char_select_fg_color * char_select_bg_color