Completes an active text selection process; the selection range is marked closed and then the selected text is copied as though the Copy action was executed.

since: 20210203-095643-70a364eb

CompleteSelection now requires a destination parameter to specify which clipboard buffer the selection will populate; the copy action is now equivalent to CopyTo.

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

return {
  mouse_bindings = {
    -- Change the default click behavior so that it only selects
    -- text and doesn't open hyperlinks, and that it populates
    -- the Clipboard rather the PrimarySelection which is part
    -- of the default assignment for a left mouse click.
      event = { Up = { streak = 1, button = 'Left' } },
      mods = 'NONE',
      action = wezterm.action.CompleteSelection 'Clipboard',