Lua Reference

This section documents the various lua functions and types that are provided to the configuration file. These are provided by the wezterm module that must be imported into your configuration file:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'
return {
  font = wezterm.font 'JetBrains Mono',

Making your own Lua Modules

If you'd like to break apart your configuration into multiple files, you'll be interested in this information.

The package.path is configured with the following paths in this order:

  • On Windows: a wezterm_modules dir in the same directory as wezterm.exe
  • ~/.config/wezterm
  • ~/.wezterm
  • A system specific set of paths which may (or may not!) find locally installed lua modules

That means that if you wanted to break your config up into a helpers.lua file you would place it in ~/.config/wezterm/helpers.lua with contents like this:

-- I am helpers.lua and I should live in ~/.config/wezterm/helpers.lua

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

-- This is the module table that we will export
local module = {}

-- This function is private to this module and is not visible
-- outside.
local function private_helper()
  wezterm.log_error 'hello!'

-- define a function in the module table.
-- Only functions defined in `module` will be exported to
-- code that imports this module
function module.my_function()

-- return our module table
return module

and then in your wezterm.lua you would use it like this:

local helpers = require 'helpers'