Since: 20201031-154415-9614e117

AdjustPaneSize manipulates the size of the active pane, allowing the size to be adjusted by an integer amount in a specific direction.

If the pane is on the right hand side of a split and you adjust the size left by 1 then the split grows larger by 1 cell by expanding its size to the left. The pane to its left is reduced in size by 1 cell to accommodate the growth. If you were to adjust this same right hand side right by 1 cell, then the pane will shrink by 1 cell and move the split 1 cell to the right.

Here's a sample configuration that uses CTRL-A H to increase the size of the active pane by 5 cells in the left direction. The other vi style motion keys are used to adjust the size in their conventional directions, respectively.

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'
local act = wezterm.action

return {
  leader = { key="a", mods="CTRL" },
  keys = {
    { key = "H", mods = "LEADER", action=act.AdjustPaneSize{"Left", 5} },
    { key = "J", mods = "LEADER", action=act.AdjustPaneSize{"Down", 5} },
    { key = "K", mods = "LEADER", action=act.AdjustPaneSize{"Up", 5} },
    { key = "L", mods = "LEADER", action=act.AdjustPaneSize{"Right", 5} },