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mux_enable_ssh_agent = true

Since: Nightly Builds Only

The functionality described in this section requires a nightly build of wezterm. You can obtain a nightly build by following the instructions from the Download section.

When set to true (the default), wezterm will configure the SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable for panes spawned in the local domain.

The auth sock will point to a symbolic link that will in turn be pointed to the authentication socket associated with the most recently active multiplexer client.

You can review the authentication socket that will be used for various clients by running wezterm cli list-clients and inspecting the SSH_AUTH_SOCK column.

The symlink is updated within (at the time of writing this documentation) 100ms of the active Mux client changing.

You can set mux_enable_ssh_agent = false to prevent wezterm from assigning SSH_AUTH_SOCK or updating the symlink.