Initiates selection of text at the current mouse cursor position. The mode argument can be one of Cell, Word or Line to control the scope of the selection.

Since: 20210203-095643-70a364eb

The mode argument can be SemanticZone which causes the selection to take the surrounding semantic zone.

In this example, the triple-left-click mouse action is set to automatically select the entire command output when clicking on any character withing that region:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

return {
  mouse_bindings = {
      event = { Down = { streak = 3, button = 'Left' } },
      action = wezterm.action.SelectTextAtMouseCursor 'SemanticZone',
      mods = 'NONE',

See Shell Integration docs for more details on how to set up your shell to define semantic zones.

Since: 20220624-141144-bd1b7c5d

The mode argument can also be "Block" to enable a rectangular block selection.