Since: 20220319-142410-0fcdea07

Activate the Launcher Menu in the current tab, scoping it to a set of items and with an optional title.

The arguments are a lua table with the following keys:

  • flags - required; the set of flags that specifies what to show in the launcher
  • title - optional; the title to show in the tab while the launcher is active

The possible flags are:

  • "FUZZY" - activate in fuzzy-only mode. By default the launcher will allow using the number keys to select from the first few items, as well as vi movement keys to select items. Pressing / will enter fuzzy filtering mode, allowing you to type a search term and reduce the set of matches. When you use the "FUZZY" flag, the launcher activates directly in fuzzy filtering mode.
  • "TABS" - include the list of tabs from the current window
  • "LAUNCH_MENU_ITEMS" - include the launch_menu items
  • "DOMAINS" - include multiplexing domains
  • "KEY_ASSIGNMENTS" - include items taken from your key assignments
  • "WORKSPACES" - include workspaces

The flags can be joined together using a | character, so "TABS|DOMAINS" is an example of a set of flags that will include both tabs and domains in the list.

This example shows how to make ALT-9 activate the launcher directly in fuzzy matching mode, and have it show only tabs:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

return {
  keys = {
    {key="9", mods="ALT", action=wezterm.action{ShowLauncherArgs={flags="FUZZY|TABS"}}},