Copy Mode

since: 20200607-144723-74889cd4

Copy mode allows you to make selections using the keyboard; no need to reach for your mouse or trackpad. Copy mode is similar to quick select mode but is geared up for describing selections based on keyboard control, whereas quick select mode is used to quickly select and copy commonly used patterns.

The ActivateCopyMode key assignment is used to enter copy mode; it is bound to CTRL-SHIFT-X by default.

When copy mode is activated, the title is prefixed with "Copy Mode" and the behavior of the tab is changed; keyboard input now controls the cursor and allows moving it through the scrollback, scrolling the viewport as needed, in a style similar to that of the Vim editor.

Move the cursor to the start of the region you wish to select and press v to toggle selection mode (it is off by default), then move the cursor to the end of that region. You can then use Copy (by default: CTRl-SHIFT-C) to copy that region to the clipboard.

Key Assignments

The key assignments in copy mode are as follows. They are not currently reassignable.

ActionKey Assignment
Exit copy modeEsc
Cell selectionv
Line selectionV
Rectangular selectionCTRL-v (since: 20220624-141144-bd1b7c5d)
Move LeftLeftArrow
Move DownDownArrow
Move UpUpArrow
Move RightRightArrow
Move forward one wordAlt-RightArrow
Move backward one wordAlt-LeftArrow
Move to start of this line0
Move to start of next lineEnter
Move to end of this line$
Move to start of indented lineAlt-m
Move to bottom of scrollbackG
Move to top of scrollbackg
Move to top of viewportH
Move to middle of viewportM
Move to bottom of viewportL
Move up one screenPageUp
Move down one screenPageDown
Move to other end of the selectiono
Move to other end of the selection horizontallyO (useful in Rectangular mode)

Configurable Key Assignments

Since: 20220624-141144-bd1b7c5d

The key assignments for copy mode are specified by the copy_mode Key Table.

You may provide your own definition of this key table if you wish to customize it. There isn't a way to override portions of the key table, only to replace the entire table.

The default configuration is equivalent to:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'
local act = wezterm.action

return {
  key_tables = {
    copy_mode = {
      {key="c", mods="CTRL", action=act.CopyMode("Close")},
      {key="g", mods="CTRL", action=act.CopyMode("Close")},
      {key="q", mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("Close")},
      {key="Escape", mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("Close")},

      {key="h", mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveLeft")},
      {key="j", mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveDown")},
      {key="k", mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveUp")},
      {key="l", mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveRight")},

      {key="LeftArrow",  mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveLeft")},
      {key="DownArrow",  mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveDown")},
      {key="UpArrow",    mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveUp")},
      {key="RightArrow", mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveRight")},

      {key="RightArrow", mods="ALT",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveForwardWord")},
      {key="f",          mods="ALT",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveForwardWord")},
      {key="Tab",        mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveForwardWord")},
      {key="w",          mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("MoveForwardWord")},

      {key="LeftArrow", mods="ALT",   action=act.CopyMode("MoveBackwardWord")},
      {key="b",         mods="ALT",   action=act.CopyMode("MoveBackwardWord")},
      {key="Tab",       mods="SHIFT", action=act.CopyMode("MoveBackwardWord")},
      {key="b",         mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveBackwardWord")},

      {key="0",     mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToStartOfLine")},
      {key="Enter", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToStartOfNextLine")},

      {key="$",     mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToEndOfLineContent")},
      {key="$",     mods="SHIFT", action=act.CopyMode("MoveToEndOfLineContent")},
      {key="^",     mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToStartOfLineContent")},
      {key="^",     mods="SHIFT", action=act.CopyMode("MoveToStartOfLineContent")},
      {key="m",     mods="ALT",   action=act.CopyMode("MoveToStartOfLineContent")},

      {key=" ", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode{SetSelectionMode="Cell"}},
      {key="v", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode{SetSelectionMode="Cell"}},
      {key="V", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode{SetSelectionMode="Line"}},
      {key="V", mods="SHIFT", action=act.CopyMode{SetSelectionMode="Line"}},
      {key="v", mods="CTRL",  action=act.CopyMode{SetSelectionMode="Block"}},

      {key="G", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToScrollbackBottom")},
      {key="G", mods="SHIFT", action=act.CopyMode("MoveToScrollbackBottom")},
      {key="g", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToScrollbackTop")},

      {key="H", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToViewportTop")},
      {key="H", mods="SHIFT", action=act.CopyMode("MoveToViewportTop")},
      {key="M", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToViewportMiddle")},
      {key="M", mods="SHIFT", action=act.CopyMode("MoveToViewportMiddle")},
      {key="L", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToViewportBottom")},
      {key="L", mods="SHIFT", action=act.CopyMode("MoveToViewportBottom")},

      {key="o", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToSelectionOtherEnd")},
      {key="O", mods="NONE",  action=act.CopyMode("MoveToSelectionOtherEndHoriz")},
      {key="O", mods="SHIFT", action=act.CopyMode("MoveToSelectionOtherEndHoriz")},

      {key="PageUp",   mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("PageUp")},
      {key="PageDown", mods="NONE", action=act.CopyMode("PageDown")},

      {key="b", mods="CTRL", action=act.CopyMode("PageUp")},
      {key="f", mods="CTRL", action=act.CopyMode("PageDown")},