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prefer_egl = true

Depending on the OS and windowing environment, there are a number of different ways to access the GPU.

This option controls whether wezterm should attempt to use EGL to configure the GPU.

Environment prefer_egl=true prefer_egl=false
Wayland use wayland-egl No effect: EGL is the only way to use the GPU
X11 Use No effect: EGL is the only way to use the GPU
macOS Use MetalANGLE libEGL.dylib if installed alongside the wezterm-gui executable. Some versions of wezterm shipped with this configuration which translated OpenGL calls to Metal Use Core OpenGL API (CGL). Since BigSur, CGL uses Metal APIs.
Windows Use ANGLE to translate OpenGL calls to Direct3D, which makes wezterm more robust if you upgrade your graphics card drivers. Use the OpenGL implementation provided by your graphics card vendor

The default is true.