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show_new_tab_button_in_tab_bar = true

Since: Version 20221119-145034-49b9839f

The functionality described in this section requires version 20221119-145034-49b9839f of wezterm, or a more recent version.

When set to true (the default), the tab bar will display the new-tab button, which can be left-clicked to create a new tab, or right-clicked to display the Launcher Menu.

When set to false, the new-tab button will not be drawn into the tab bar.

This example turns off the tabs and new-tab button, leaving just the left and right status areas:

wezterm.on('update-right-status', function(window, pane)
  window:set_left_status 'left'
  window:set_right_status 'right'

config.use_fancy_tab_bar = false
config.show_tabs_in_tab_bar = false
config.show_new_tab_button_in_tab_bar = false