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freetype_load_target = "Normal"

Since: Version 20210314-114017-04b7cedd

The functionality described in this section requires version 20210314-114017-04b7cedd of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Configures the hinting and (potentially) the rendering mode used with the freetype rasterizer. The following values are possible:

  • "Normal" - This corresponds to the default hinting algorithm, optimized for standard gray-level rendering. This is the default setting.
  • "Light" - A lighter hinting algorithm for non-monochrome modes. Many generated glyphs are more fuzzy but better resemble its original shape. A bit like rendering on Mac OS X.
  • "Mono" - Strong hinting algorithm that should only be used for monochrome output. The result is probably unpleasant if the glyph is rendered in non-monochrome modes.
  • "HorizontalLcd" - A subpixel-rendering variant of Normal optimized for horizontally decimated LCD displays.

See also freetype_render_target and freetype_load_flags for more advanced flags that can be primarily used to influence font hinting.

Note: when using subpixel-rendering, it comes at the cost of the ability to explicitly set the alpha channel for the text foreground color. You will need to choose between using the alpha channel or using subpixel-rendering, and you must select subpixel-rendering in your main configuration in order for the correct render mode to activate: setting it only in a wezterm.font override is not sufficient.