Since: nightly builds only

Attempts to detach the specified domain. Detaching a domain causes it to disconnect and remove its set of windows, tabs and panes from the local GUI. Detaching does not cause those panes to close; if or when you later attach to the domain, they'll still be there.

Not every domain supports detaching, and will log an error to the error log/debug overlay.

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

return {
  ssh_domains = {
      name = "devhost",
      remote_address = "",
  keys = {
    {key="U", mods="CTRL|SHIFT", action=wezterm.action{AttachDomain="devhost"}},
    -- Detaches the domain associated with the current pane
    {key="D", mods="CTRL|SHIFT", action=wezterm.action{DetachDomain="CurrentPaneDomain"}},
    -- Detaches the "devhost" domain
    {key="E", mods="CTRL|SHIFT", action=wezterm.action{DetachDomain={DomainName="devhost"}}},

See also: AttachDomain