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Since: Version 20230320-124340-559cb7b0

The functionality described in this section requires version 20230320-124340-559cb7b0 of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Activates the Command Palette, a modal overlay that enables discovery and activation of various commands.

config.keys = {
    key = 'P',
    mods = 'CTRL',
    action = wezterm.action.ActivateCommandPalette,

CTRL + SHIFT + P is the default key assignment for ActivateCommandPalette.

The command palette shows a list of possible actions ranked by frecency of use from the command palette.

Command Palette

Key Assignments

Action Key Assignment
Exit command palette Esc
Highlight previous item UpArrow
Highlight next item DownArrow
Clear the selection CTRL + u
Activate the selection Enter

Typing text (and using Backspace) allows you to fuzzy match possible actions. Each keystroke will reduce the list of candidate actions to those that fuzzy match, ranked in decreasing order of the match score.

Activating the selected item will close the command palette and then invoke the action.

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