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Since: Version 20200503-171512-b13ef15f

The functionality described in this section requires version 20200503-171512-b13ef15f of wezterm, or a more recent version.

You can define your own entries for the Launcher Menu using this configuration setting. The snippet below adds two new entries to the menu; one that runs the top program to monitor process activity and a second one that explicitly launches the bash shell.

Each entry in launch_menu is an instance of a SpawnCommand object.

config.launch_menu = {
    args = { 'top' },
    -- Optional label to show in the launcher. If omitted, a label
    -- is derived from the `args`
    label = 'Bash',
    -- The argument array to spawn.  If omitted the default program
    -- will be used as described in the documentation above
    args = { 'bash', '-l' },

    -- You can specify an alternative current working directory;
    -- if you don't specify one then a default based on the OSC 7
    -- escape sequence will be used (see the Shell Integration
    -- docs), falling back to the home directory.
    -- cwd = "/some/path"

    -- You can override environment variables just for this command
    -- by setting this here.  It has the same semantics as the main
    -- set_environment_variables configuration option described above
    -- set_environment_variables = { FOO = "bar" },