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tiling_desktop_environments = {}

Since: Nightly Builds Only

The functionality described in this section requires a nightly build of wezterm. You can obtain a nightly build by following the instructions from the Download section.

Contains a list of Window Environments that are known to be tiling window managers. A tiling window manager is one that automatically resizes windows according to some layout policy, rather than respecting the window size set by an application.

The default value for this option is:

config.tiling_desktop_environments = {
  'X11 LG3D',
  'X11 bspwm',
  'X11 i3',
  'X11 dwm',

The environment name can be found in the debug overlay which you can show via the ShowDebugOverlay key assignment. The default key binding for it is Ctrl + Shift + L.

Look for the line beginning with Window Environment:. The text after the colon is the name to add to tiling_desktop_environments.

If your window environment is a tiling environment and is not listed here, please file an issue (or even a PR!) to add it to the default list.

This contents of this list are used to determine a reasonable default for adjust_window_size_when_changing_font_size.