wezterm.time.call_after(interval_seconds, function)

Since: 20220807-113146-c2fee766

Arranges to call your callback function after the specified number of seconds have elapsed.

Here's a contrived example that demonstrates a configuration that varies based on the time. In this case, the idea is that the background color is derived from the current number of minutes past the hour.

In order for the value to be picked up for the next minute, call_after is used to schedule a callback 60 seconds later and it then generates a background color by extracting the current minute value and scaing it to the range 0-255 and using that to assign a background color:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

-- Reload the configuration every minute
wezterm.time.call_after(60, function()

local amount =
  math.ceil((tonumber(wezterm.time.now():format '%M') / 60) * 255)

return {
  colors = {
    background = 'rgb(' .. amount .. ',' .. amount .. ',' .. amount .. ')',

With great power comes great responsibility: if you schedule a lot of frequent callbacks, or frequently reload your configuration in this way, you may increase the CPU load on your system because you are asking it to work harder.