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Since: Version 20230326-111934-3666303c

The functionality described in this section requires version 20230326-111934-3666303c of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Creates a window and moves pane into that window.

The WORKSPACE parameter is optional; if specified, it will be used as the name of the workspace that should be associated with the new window. Otherwise, the current active workspace will be used.

Returns the newly created MuxTab object, and the newly created MuxWindow object.

config.keys = {
    key = '!',
    mods = 'LEADER | SHIFT',
    action = wezterm.action_callback(function(win, pane)
      local tab, window = pane:move_to_new_window()

See also pane:move_to_new_window(), wezterm cli move-pane-to-new-tab.