Command Line

This section documents the wezterm command line.

Note that wezterm --help or wezterm SUBCOMMAND --help will show the precise set of options that are applicable to your installed version of wezterm.

wezterm is deployed with two major executables:

  • wezterm (or wezterm.exe on Windows) - for interacting with wezterm from the terminal
  • wezterm-gui (or wezterm-gui.exe on Windows) - for spawning wezterm from a desktop environment

You will typically use wezterm when scripting wezterm; it knows when to delegate to to wezterm-gui under the covers.

If you are are setting up a launcher for wezterm to run in the Windows GUI environment then you will want to explicitly target wezterm-gui so that Windows itself doesn't pop up a console host for its logging output.

Note that wezterm-gui.exe --help will not output anything to a console when run on Windows systems, because it runs in the Windows GUI subsystem and has no connection to the console. You can use wezterm.exe --help to see information about the various commands; it will delegate to wezterm-gui.exe when appropriate.