Helper for defining key assignment actions in your configuration file. This is really just sugar for the underlying Lua -> Rust deserialation mapping that makes it a bit easier to identify where syntax errors may exist in your configuration file.

Usage looks like this:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm';
return {
   keys = {
     {key="{", mods="CTRL", action=wezterm.action{ActivateTabRelative=-1}},
     {key="}", mods="CTRL", action=wezterm.action{ActivateTabRelative=1}},

The parameter is a lua representation of the underlying KeyAssignment enum from the configuration code. These docs aim to spell out sufficient examples that you shouldn't need to learn to read Rust code, but there are occasions where newly developed features are not yet documented and an enterprising user may wish to go spelunking to figure them out!

You can find the reference for available KeyAssignment values here.