Controls whether the Input Method Editor (IME) will be used to process keyboard input. The IME is useful for inputting kanji or other text that is not natively supported by the attached keyboard hardware.

IME support is a platform dependent feature

PlatformSupported sinceNotes
WindowsForeverAlways enabled, cannot be disabled
macOS20200113-214446-bb6251fCauses some issues with key repeat, defaults to disabled
X1120211204-082213-a66c61ee9XIM based. Your system needs to have a running input method engine (such as ibus or fcitx) that support the XIM protocol in order for wezterm to use it.

You can control whether the IME is enabled in your configuration file:

return {
  use_ime = false,

Changing use_ime usually requires re-launching WezTerm to take full effect.

Since: 20200620-160318-e00b076c

The default for use_ime is false. The default in earlier releases was true.

Since: 20220101-133340-7edc5b5a

The default for X11 systems is now true. Please ensure that the XMODIFIERS environment variable or the new xim_im_name configuration option is set appropriately before wezterm is launched! For example, Gnome users will probably want to set XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus.

Since: nightly builds only

The default for all systems is now true