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Since: Version 20220624-141144-bd1b7c5d

The functionality described in this section requires version 20220624-141144-bd1b7c5d of wezterm, or a more recent version.

The mux-startup event is emitted once when the mux server is starting up. It is triggered before any default program is started.

If the mux-startup event causes any panes to be created then those will take precedence over the default program configuration and no additional default program will be spawned.

This event is useful for starting a set of programs in a standard configuration to save you the effort of doing it manually each time:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'
local mux = wezterm.mux

-- this is called by the mux server when it starts up.
-- It makes a window split top/bottom
wezterm.on('mux-startup', function()
  local tab, pane, window = mux.spawn_window {}
  pane:split { direction = 'Top' }

return {
  unix_domains = {
    { name = 'unix' },

See also: * wezterm.mux