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Since: Version 20210502-130208-bff6815d

The functionality described in this section requires version 20210502-130208-bff6815d of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Specify the alphabet used to produce labels for the items matched in quick select mode.

The default alphabet is "asdfqwerzxcvjklmiuopghtybn" which means that the first matching item from the bottom is labelled with an a, the second with s and so forth; these are easily accessible characters in a qwerty keyboard layout.

Keyboard Layout Suggested Alphabet
qwerty "asdfqwerzxcvjklmiuopghtybn" (this is the default)
qwertz "asdfqweryxcvjkluiopmghtzbn"
azerty "qsdfazerwxcvjklmuiopghtybn"
dvorak "aoeuqjkxpyhtnsgcrlmwvzfidb"
colemak "arstqwfpzxcvneioluymdhgjbk"

The suggested alphabet in the above table uses the left 4 fingers on the home row, top row, bottom row, then the right 4 fingers on the home raw, top row, bottom row, followed by the characters in the middle of the keyboard that may be harder to reach.