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adjust_window_size_when_changing_font_size = true

Since: Version 20210203-095643-70a364eb

The functionality described in this section requires version 20210203-095643-70a364eb of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Control whether changing the font size adjusts the dimensions of the window (true) or adjusts the number of terminal rows/columns (false). The default is true.

If you use a tiling window manager then you may wish to set this to false.

See also IncreaseFontSize, DecreaseFontSize.

Since: Nightly Builds Only

The functionality described in this section requires a nightly build of wezterm. You can obtain a nightly build by following the instructions from the Download section.

The default value is now nil which causes wezterm to match the name of the connected window environment (which you can see if you open the debug overlay) against the list of known tiling environments configured by tiling_desktop_environments. If the environment is known to be tiling then the effective value of adjust_window_size_when_changing_font_size is false, and true otherwise.