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front_end = "OpenGL"

Specifies which render front-end to use. This option used to have more scope in earlier versions of wezterm, but today it allows three possible values:

  • OpenGL - use GPU accelerated rasterization
  • Software - use CPU-based rasterization.
  • WebGpu - use GPU accelerated rasterization (Since: Version 20221119-145034-49b9839f)

Since: Nightly Builds Only

The functionality described in this section requires a nightly build of wezterm. You can obtain a nightly build by following the instructions from the Download section.

The default is "WebGpu". In earlier versions it was "OpenGL"

You may wish (or need!) to select Software if there are issues with your GPU/OpenGL drivers.

WezTerm will automatically select Software if it detects that it is being started in a Remote Desktop environment on Windows.


Since: Version 20221119-145034-49b9839f

The functionality described in this section requires version 20221119-145034-49b9839f of wezterm, or a more recent version.

The WebGpu front end allows wezterm to use GPU acceleration provided by a number of platform-specific backends:

  • Metal (on macOS)
  • Vulkan
  • DirectX 12 (on Windows)

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