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wezterm start

Start the GUI, optionally running an alternative program [aliases: -e]

Usage: wezterm start [OPTIONS] [PROG]...

          Instead of executing your shell, run PROG. For example: `wezterm start
          -- bash -l` will spawn bash as if it were a login shell. [aliases: -e]

          If true, do not connect to domains marked as connect_automatically in
          your wezterm configuration file

          If enabled, don't try to ask an existing wezterm GUI instance to start
          the command.  Instead, always start the GUI in this invocation of
          wezterm so that you can wait for the command to complete by waiting
          for this wezterm process to finish

          When spawning into an existing GUI instance, spawn a new tab into the
          active window rather than spawn a new window

      --cwd <CWD>
          Specify the current working directory for the initially spawned

      --class <CLASS>
          Override the default windowing system class. The default is
          "org.wezfurlong.wezterm". Under X11 and Windows this changes the
          window class. Under Wayland this changes the app_id. This changes the
          class for all windows spawned by this instance of wezterm, including
          error, update and ssh authentication dialogs

      --workspace <WORKSPACE>
          Override the default workspace with the provided name. The default is

      --position <POSITION>
          Override the position for the initial window launched by this process.

          --position 10,20          to set x=10, y=20 in screen coordinates
          --position screen:10,20   to set x=10, y=20 in screen coordinates
          --position main:10,20     to set x=10, y=20 relative to the main
          --position active:10,20   to set x=10, y=20 relative to the active
          --position HDMI-1:10,20   to set x=10, y=20 relative to the monitor
          named HDMI-1

          Note that Wayland does not allow applications to control window

      --domain <DOMAIN>
          Name of the multiplexer domain section from the configuration to which
          you'd like to connect. If omitted, the default domain will be used

          When used with --domain, if the domain already has running panes,
          wezterm will simply attach and will NOT spawn the specified PROG. If
          you omit --attach when using --domain, wezterm will attach AND then
          spawn PROG

  -h, --help
          Print help (see a summary with '-h')