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Since: Version 20220624-141144-bd1b7c5d

The feature described in this section requires version 20220624-141144-bd1b7c5d of wezterm, or a more recent version.

This action activates the pane selection modal display. In this mode, each pane will be overlayed with a one- or two-character label taken from the selection alphabet.

Pane Select

Typing the label will select the pane, take an action and exit selection mode. Pressing Escape or CTRL-g will exit pane selection mode without taking any action.

The available actions are:

  • mode="Activate" - activate the selected pane. This is the default mode.
  • mode="SwapWithActive" - swap the position of the active pane with the selected pane

The selection alphabet defaults to the same value as quick_select_alphabet, but can be explicitly via the alphabet field:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'
local act = wezterm.action

-- 36 is the default, but you can choose a different size.
-- Uses the same font as window_frame.font
-- config.pane_select_font_size=36,

config.keys = {
  -- activate pane selection mode with the default alphabet (labels are "a", "s", "d", "f" and so on)
  { key = '8', mods = 'CTRL', action = act.PaneSelect },
  -- activate pane selection mode with numeric labels
    key = '9',
    mods = 'CTRL',
    action = act.PaneSelect {
      alphabet = '1234567890',
  -- show the pane selection mode, but have it swap the active and selected panes
    key = '0',
    mods = 'CTRL',
    action = act.PaneSelect {
      mode = 'SwapWithActive',

See also RotatePanes.