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Since: Version 20210203-095643-70a364eb

The functionality described in this section requires version 20210203-095643-70a364eb of wezterm, or a more recent version.

This action operates on Semantic Zones defined by applications that use OSC 133 Semantic Prompt Escapes and requires configuring your shell to emit those sequences.

OSC 133 escapes allow marking regions of output as Output (from the commands that you run), Input (that you type) and Prompt ("chrome" from your shell).

This action allows scrolling to the start of a Prompt zone; it takes an argument that specifies the number of zones to move and the direction to move in; -1 means to move to the previous zone while 1 means to move to the next zone.

This can make it convenient to skip over large amounts of output.

This action is not bound by default.

For the purposes of scrolling, the "current zone" is considered to be the one closest to the top of the viewport.

local act = wezterm.action

config.keys = {
  { key = 'UpArrow', mods = 'SHIFT', action = act.ScrollToPrompt(-1) },
  { key = 'DownArrow', mods = 'SHIFT', action = act.ScrollToPrompt(1) },