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custom_block_glyphs = true

Since: Version 20210314-114017-04b7cedd

The functionality described in this section requires version 20210314-114017-04b7cedd of wezterm, or a more recent version.

When set to true (the default), WezTerm will compute its own idea of what the glyphs in the following unicode ranges should be, instead of using glyphs resolved from a font.

Ideally this option wouldn't exist, but it is present to work around a hinting issue in freetype.

Block What Since
U2500 Box Drawing 20210814-124438-54e29167
U2580 unicode block elements 20210314-114017-04b7cedd
U1FB00 Symbols for Legacy Computing (Sextants and Smooth mosaic graphics) 20210814-124438-54e29167
U2800 Braille Patterns 20210814-124438-54e29167
Powerline Powerline triangle, curve and diagonal glyphs 20210814-124438-54e29167

You can set this to false to use the block characters provided by your font selection.

See also anti_alias_custom_block_glyphs.