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default_gui_startup_args = {"start"}

Since: Version 20220101-133340-7edc5b5a

The functionality described in this section requires version 20220101-133340-7edc5b5a of wezterm, or a more recent version.

When launching the GUI using either wezterm or wezterm-gui (with no subcommand explicitly specified), wezterm will use the value of default_gui_startup_args to pick a default mode for running the GUI.

The default for this config is {"start"} which makes wezterm with no additional subcommand arguments equivalent to wezterm start.

If you know that you always want to use wezterm's ssh client to login to a particular host, then you might consider using this configuration:

config.default_gui_startup_args = { 'ssh', 'some-host' }

which will cause wezterm with no additional subcommand arguments to be equivalent to running wezterm ssh some-host.

Specifying subcommand arguments on the command line is NOT additive with this config; the command line arguments always take precedence.

Depending on your desktop environment, you may find it simpler to use your operating system shortcut or alias function to set up a shortcut that runs the subcommand you desire.