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Controls the amount of padding between the window border and the terminal cells.

Padding is measured in pixels.

If enable_scroll_bar is true, then the value you set for right will control the width of the scrollbar. If you have enabled the scrollbar and have set right to 0 then the right padding (and thus the scrollbar width) will instead match the width of a cell.

config.window_padding = {
  left = 2,
  right = 2,
  top = 0,
  bottom = 0,
Since: Version 20211204-082213-a66c61ee9

The functionality described in this section requires version 20211204-082213-a66c61ee9 of wezterm, or a more recent version.

You may now express padding using a number of different units by specifying a string value with a unit suffix:

  • "1px" - the px suffix indicates pixels, so this represents a 1 pixel value
  • "1pt" - the pt suffix indicates points. There are 72 points in 1 inch. The actual size this occupies on screen depends on the dpi of the display device.
  • "1cell" - the cell suffix indicates the size of the terminal cell, which in turn depends on the font size, font scaling and dpi. When used for width, the width of the cell is used. When used for height, the height of the cell is used.
  • "1%" - the % suffix indicates the size of the terminal portion of the display, which is computed based on the number of rows/columns and the size of the cell. While it is possible to specify percentage, there are some resize scenarios where the percentage value may not be 100% stable/deterministic, as the size of the padding is used to compute the number of rows/columns.

You may use a fractional number such as "0.5cell" or numbers larger than one such as "72pt".

The default padding is shown below. In earlier releases, the default padding was 0 for each of the possible edges.

config.window_padding = {
  left = '1cell',
  right = '1cell',
  top = '0.5cell',
  bottom = '0.5cell',