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Since: Version 20210203-095643-70a364eb

The functionality described in this section requires version 20210203-095643-70a364eb of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Sets the default current working directory used by the initial window.

The value is a string specifying the absolute path that should be used for the home directory. Using strings like ~ or ~username that are typically expanded by the shell is not supported. You can use wezterm.home_dir to explicitly refer to your home directory.

If wezterm start --cwd /some/path is used to specify the current working directory, that will take precedence.

Commands launched using SpawnCommand will use the cwd specified in the SpawnCommand, if any.

Panes/Tabs/Windows created after the first will generally try to resolve the current working directory of the current Pane, preferring a value set by OSC 7 and falling back to attempting to lookup the cwd of the current process group leader attached to a local Pane. If no cwd can be resolved, then the default_cwd will be used. If default_cwd is not specified, then the home directory of the user will be used.

graph TD
    X[Determine current working directory for new pane] --> A{{Is initial window?}}
    A -->|Yes| B[Opened with CLI and --cwd flag?]
    A -->|No| C[New pane, tab or window.]
    C --> D{{Opened with a SpawnCommand<br/> that includes cwd?}}
    D -->|No| J{{Does current pane have same domain<br/>and have a value set by OSC 7?}}
    B -->|Yes| E[Use --cwd]
    B -->|No| F{{Is default_cwd defined?}}
    F -->|Yes| G[Use default_cwd]
    F -->|No| H[Use home directory]
    D -->|Yes| I[Use cwd specified<br/> by `SpawnCommand`]
    J -->|Yes| K[Use that OSC 7 value]
    J -->|No| L{{Can cwd be resolved via<br/> the process group leader?}}
    L -->|Yes| M[Use resolved cwd]
    L -->|No| F

On macOS and Linux, wezterm can attempt to resolve the process group leader and then attempt to resolve its current working directory. This is not guaranteed to succeed, and there are a number of potential edge cases (which is another reason for configuring your shell to use OSC 7 sequences).

On Windows, there isn't a process group leader concept, but wezterm will examine the process tree of the program that it started in the current pane and use some heuristics to determine an approximate equivalent.