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macos_forward_to_ime_modifier_mask = "SHIFT"

Since: Version 20230408-112425-69ae8472

The functionality described in this section requires version 20230408-112425-69ae8472 of wezterm, or a more recent version.

On macOS systems, this option controls whether modified key presses are routed via the IME when use_ime = true.

When processing a key event, if any modifiers are held, if the modifiers intersect with the value of macos_forward_to_ime_modifier_mask, then the key event is routed to the IME, which may choose to swallow the key event as part of its own state management.

The behavior of wezterm has varied in the past:

Version Effective Setting
20220905-102802-7d4b8249 and earlier "SHIFT"
20221119-145034-49b9839f "SHIFT
nightly "SHIFT"

Users of a Japanese IME may wish to set this to "SHIFT|CTRL", but should note that it will prevent certain CTRL key combinations that are commonly used in unix terminal programs from working as expected.