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Since: Version 20220101-133340-7edc5b5a

The functionality described in this section requires version 20220101-133340-7edc5b5a of wezterm, or a more recent version.

LocalProcessInfo represents a process running on the local machine.

It has the following fields:

  • pid - the process id
  • ppid - the parent process id
  • name - a short name for the process. Due to platform limitations, this may be inaccurate and truncated; you probably should prefer to look at the executable or argv fields instead of this one
  • status - a string holding the status of the process; it can be Idle, Run, Sleep, Stop, Zombie, Tracing, Dead, Wakekill, Waking, Parked, LockBlocked, Unknown.
  • argv - a table holding the argument array for the process
  • executable - the full path to the executable image for the process (may be empty)
  • cwd - the current working directory for the process (may be empty)
  • children - a table keyed by child process id and whose values are themselves LocalProcessInfo objects that describe the child processes

See mux-is-process-stateful and pane:get_foreground_process_info()