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Since: Version 20220319-142410-0fcdea07

The feature described in this section requires version 20220319-142410-0fcdea07 of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Computes a list of WslDomain objects, each one representing an installed WSL distribution on your system.

This list is the same as the default value for the wsl_domains configuration option, which is to make a WslDomain with the distribution field set to the name of WSL distro and the name field set to name of the distro but with "WSL:" prefixed to it.

For example, if:

; wsl -l -v
  NAME            STATE           VERSION
* Ubuntu-18.04    Running         1

then this function will return:

    name: "WSL:Ubuntu-18.04",
    distribution: "Ubuntu-18.04",

The purpose of this function is to aid in situations where you might want set default_prog for the WSL distributions:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

local wsl_domains = wezterm.default_wsl_domains()

for idx, dom in ipairs(wsl_domains) do
  if == 'WSL:Ubuntu-18.04' then
    dom.default_prog = { 'fish' }

return {
  wsl_domains = wsl_domains,

However, wez strongly recommends that you use chsh inside the WSL domain to make that the default shell if possible, so that you can avoid this additional configuration!

Since: Version 20230320-124340-559cb7b0

The feature described in this section requires version 20230320-124340-559cb7b0 of wezterm, or a more recent version.

The default_cwd field is now automatically set to "~" to make it more convenient to launch a WSL instance in the home directory of the configured distribution.