Since: 20220319-142410-0fcdea07

Switch to the workspace relative to the current workspace. Workspaces are ordered lexicographically based on their names.

The argument value specifies an offset. eg: -1 switches to the workspace immediately prior to the current workspace, while 1 switches to the workspace immediately following the current workspace.

This example binds CTRL-N and CTRL-P to move forwards, backwards through workspaces. It shows the active workspace in the title bar. The launcher menu can be used to create workspaces.

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

wezterm.on("update-right-status", function(window, pane)

return {
  keys = {
    {key="9", mods="ALT", action=wezterm.action{ShowLauncherArgs={flags="FUZZY|WORKSPACES"}}},
    {key="n", mods="CTRL", action=wezterm.action{SwitchWorkspaceRelative=1}},
    {key="p", mods="CTRL", action=wezterm.action{SwitchWorkspaceRelative=-1}},