Since: 20211204-082213-a66c61ee9

This function is a helper to register a custom event and return an action triggering it.

It is helpful to write custom key bindings directly, without having to declare the event and use it in a different place.

The implementation is essentially the same as:

function wezterm.action_callback(callback)
  local event_id = "..." -- the function generates a unique event id
  wezterm.on(event_id, callback)
  return wezterm.action.EmitEvent(event_id)

See wezterm.on and wezterm.action for more info on what you can do with these.


local wezterm = require 'wezterm';

return {
  keys = {
      mods = "CTRL|SHIFT",
      key = "i",
      action = wezterm.action_callback(function(win, pane)
        wezterm.log_info("Hello from callback!")
        wezterm.log_info("WindowID:", win:window_id(), "PaneID:", pane:pane_id())