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Since: Version 20230408-112425-69ae8472

The functionality described in this section requires version 20230408-112425-69ae8472 of wezterm, or a more recent version.

Computes a list of SshDomain objects based on the set of hosts discovered in your ~/.ssh/config.

Each host will have both a plain SSH and a multiplexing SSH domain generated and returned in the list of domains. The former don't require wezterm to be installed on the remote host, while the latter do require it.

The intended purpose of this function is to allow you the opportunity to edit/adjust the returned information before assigning it to your config.

For example, if all of the hosts referenced by your ssh config are unix machines, you might want to inform wezterm of that so that features like spawning a tab in the same directory as an existing tab work even for a plain SSH session:

config.ssh_domains = wezterm.default_ssh_domains()
for _, dom in ipairs(config.ssh_domains) do
  dom.assume_shell = 'Posix'