Since: 20220807-113146-c2fee766

Returns the set of colors that would be used by default.

This is useful if you want to reference those colors in a color scheme definition.

This contrived example sets up two color schemes and overrides their background colors to red. One of the schemes is the default set of colors, while the other is one of the many built-in schemes:

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

local gruvbox = wezterm.color.get_builtin_schemes()['Gruvbox Light']
gruvbox.background = 'red'

local my_default = wezterm.color.get_default_colors()
my_default.background = 'red'

return {
  color_schemes = {
    ['My Gruvbox'] = my_gruvbox,
    ['My Default'] = my_default,
  color_scheme = 'My Gruvbox',