exit_behavior = "CloseOnCleanExit"

Since: 20210314-114017-04b7cedd

Controls the behavior when the shell program spawned by the terminal exits. There are three possible values:

  • "Close" - close the corresponding pane as soon as the program exits.
  • "Hold" - keep the pane open after the program exits. The pane must be manually closed via CloseCurrentPane, CloseCurrentTab or closing the window.
  • "CloseOnCleanExit" - if the shell program exited with a successful status, behave like "Close", otherwise, behave like "Hold". This is the default setting.
return {
  exit_behavior = 'Hold',

Note that most unix shells will exit with the status of the last command that it ran if you don't specify an exit status.

For example, if you interrupt a command and then use exit (with no arguments), or CTRL-D to send EOF to the shell, the shell will return an unsuccessful exit status. The same thing holds if you were to run:


With the default exit_behavior="CloseOnCleanExit" setting, that will cause the pane to remain open.

See also: clean_exit_codes for fine tuning what is considered to be a clean exit status.

Since: 20220624-141144-bd1b7c5d

The default is now "Close".