Since: 20220101-133340-7edc5b5a

Activate a tab relative to the current tab. The argument value specifies an offset. eg: -1 activates the tab to the left of the current tab, while 1 activates the tab to the right.

This is almost identical to ActivateTabRelative but this one will not wrap around; for example, if the first tab is active ActivateTabRelativeNoWrap=-1 will not move to the last tab and vice versa.

local wezterm = require 'wezterm'
local act = wezterm.action

return {
  keys = {
    { key = '{', mods = 'ALT', action = act.ActivateTabRelativeNoWrap(-1) },
    { key = '}', mods = 'ALT', action = act.ActivateTabRelativeNoWrap(1) },