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Yahoo music engine on win64?

It looks like running the yahoo music engine app on win64 isn't officially supported, but here's how I got it to work.

  • download the installer
  • right click on the ymjsetup.exe and choose the compatibility tab and set the installer to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP.
  • make sure that you've run windows media player at least once
  • run ymjsetup.exe
  • ignore any error messages that might pop-up; let the installation continue
  • reboot

and that should be it.

Motorola RAZR SyncML with t-mobile

According to the manual for my RAZR, there should be a Sync option on the connection menu next to the bluetooth setup; its purpose is to configure the settings for a SyncML server. It isn't present on my t-mobile provided handset, and t-mobile support has no idea about it.

I've tried googling around, but it seems that no one else has any suggestions on how to enable that feature. I suspect that I'd need to re-flash the handset to turn it on, which is something I'd rather not do.

Anyone out there have any advice on this?

Beware of hardened Boca burgers

I enjoy eating at Red Robin; they have a delicious menu, and you can substitute Gardenburger or Boca burger patties if you're of a vegetarian persuasion.

I've had a consistently good experience with RR since we moved to the USA, but over the last couple of months the boca burgers have been a bit tough at the Columbia location.

The last one I ordered did this to my fork. Ow!

Ecelerity selected by MessageLabs

MessageLabs have a network consisting of 3,000 servers across 13 data centers on 4 continents and offer very complex policy rules for the mail transiting their system. Such an environment requires a system that is fast, efficient, flexible and manageable.

So we're happy to announce that MessageLabs have selected our MTA product, Ecelerity, to power their global email management system.

As the lead engineer for Ecelerity and architect of a number of the features that MessageLabs are using, I'm particularly proud of our product and the role that it is playing in managing email for so many people (more than 5 million people through MessageLabs alone).

I've previously hinted about this deal; we've known for a while but our marketing folks wanted to time the announcement for best media impact; today is the first day of INBOX 2006 in San Diego, a key industry event.

A lot of hard work has gone into this project on both sides of the atlantic, so this press release is validation that we've all been moving in the right direction. Good job everyone!

A kick in the nuts

Flurong!?. I thought RSS was supposed to help avoid things like mis-spelling the names of the people you're syndicating. Double-nut-pain is scored for making the same typo twice. Ouch. :)

I know that produced by human hands, and I'm not knocking the summaries at all; it would just be nice to have at least our names correctly spelled, in case they are re-syndicated from there and the typo propogated around the 'net.

Test-driving Google calendar

Well, I guess I feel similarly to JWZ when it comes to calendar software. Yesterday I downloaded the Lightning 0.1 extension for Thunderbird. It's a partial improvement over running Sunbird; it's handy to be able to view the calendar right there in thunderbird, but it clearly needs a lot more polish before it can be really used.

I was all set to switch over to Lightning from Thunderbird, but then I read JWZ's entry that mentioned Google Calendar at the bottom, and it looks good.

The major points that appeal to me:

  • SMS notifications prior to events. You don't have to be at your desk to get the reminder, or even to have your computer turned on.
  • It's online, accessible from anywhere that's connected to the 'net
  • Public events can be published as RSS and iCal (find mine in the geeky sidebar to the right)
  • The whole thing (including private events) can also be published as RSS and iCal
  • You can import existing calendar data from iCal and CSV files
  • UI is nice

So, I think I'll be using google calendar to manage my calendar. I still need to be able to see the private OmniTI calendars, so I'm still using Thunderbird/Lightning to do that.