MessageLabs have a network consisting of 3,000 servers across 13 data centers on 4 continents and offer very complex policy rules for the mail transiting their system. Such an environment requires a system that is fast, efficient, flexible and manageable.

So we're happy to announce that MessageLabs have selected our MTA product, Ecelerity, to power their global email management system.

As the lead engineer for Ecelerity and architect of a number of the features that MessageLabs are using, I'm particularly proud of our product and the role that it is playing in managing email for so many people (more than 5 million people through MessageLabs alone).

I've previously hinted about this deal; we've known for a while but our marketing folks wanted to time the announcement for best media impact; today is the first day of INBOX 2006 in San Diego, a key industry event.

A lot of hard work has gone into this project on both sides of the atlantic, so this press release is validation that we've all been moving in the right direction. Good job everyone!

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