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Blowing out some cobwebs

It's been a long time since I last wrote anything new here, so long in fact, that BitBucket killed their Mercurial product which was hosting a number of my Open Source projets, Google killed their analytics product (and migrated it to something else that I don't care to adopt), and my hair has turned mostly silver!

It's long overdue for a bit of a dusting out of cobwebs, and I fancied a bit of a change from my normal weekend activities, so I sat down to do that this weekend.

For some time now, dependabot has been nagging me about some ruby ecosystem security issue or other as a result of this site being based on Jekyll, and I desired to never see such a thing again. So, as part of dusting things off, I migrated over to Material for MkDocs.

What's changed? Not too much really; I've updated some of the information about me and my projects and added a more recent photo. The fanciest part of this update is that there is now a Dark Mode!

Does this mean you're going to start blogging more regularly than once a decade!?

I'm not sure. If there's something you'd like me to talk about here, @-me on fosstodon and let's see.