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Diet + Weight loss

This year one of the changes I made was around my eating and exercise habits. I managed to lose 30lbs in just under 3 months. I wanted to share how I did this because it seemed much easier than I thought it would be.

My Facebook Adventure Continues

I'd promised a couple of folks back in Maryland that I'd keep updating this blog to let them know what I'm getting up to. I'm a little overdue on this, but it does mean that I get to write a more substantial update. (I post much more frequent but smaller updates on my Facebook timeline!)

As I write this entry, Juliette, Xander and our two dogs are having their final sleep in our house in Maryland. It's taken a bit longer than I'd hoped, but in the morning we'll be reunited and can really get this new life going.

My Facebook Adventure

Earlier this year I made a difficult choice: to leave Message Systems and join Facebook.

I moved countries to work with OmniTI/Message Systems back in 2004, and I've worked with the team for almost 8 years, seen things grow from a couple of engineers and a sales guy to a company with multiple offices in the USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific. In my time with the company I've learned a lot about many things, worked hard with some great people and had good times.

So why leave? It was time to try something new. My day-to-day had settled into a fairly repetitive and steady pattern and there wasn't a huge amount going on in the neighborhood where I lived; rural Maryland isn't exactly a hotbed of activity! Add to that the oppressive humidity in the summer and the snow in the winter, I felt like I was never really all that comfortable getting out of the house.

So it was time to try something new, and the time was right to give Facebook a shot.

Ideas of March

This time last year, Chris wrote about blogging and how Twitter has reduced the quality of online discussions by shifting the focus from longer form discussions to shorter tweets. He was hoping that he could foster something of a blog revival, and did for a while.

This year Chris is hoping for more of the same, and invited a number of folks to join in to see if we can get some more momentum going.

I personally prefer reading blogs to reading things on Twitter:

  • I like being able to focus on things for more than a few words at a time, and find the broken/abbreviated form of English that texting and twitter encourage to be borderline disrespectful towards the reader--if you've got something worthy to say, take the time to say it properly!
  • I can more easily find and subscribe to writers of content that I like.
  • I can read the content on my time-frame, rather than being compelled to watch the twitter stream to catch what's going on.
  • I can more easily search and find the things I'm looking for.

I also like to blog, but have found it difficult to make time to turn out content of the quality that I prefer. I hope to change that this year, and blog some more. I'd also like to see you blog more too.