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Partnership with

This little gem was posted to the PHP security@ alias, which is intended to provide a means for confidential disclosure of critical security problems in PHP to us, the PHP developers.

To: Subject: Partnership with


I visited your web site and I like it very much.

I would like to have a link posted from your site to one of my projects,an insurance web site.

I'm interested in buying advertising space on the index page of your web site,in the form of a simple text link, with a short description.

The link would lead to one of my projects, an insurance site.

I'm interested in a long term advertising relationship.

I'm looking forward to your response detailing the monthly cost of a text link.

Best regards,

[Name removed]

Now, I find this pretty funny - who in their right mind would want to advertise insurance alongside the PHP bugs? :-) [Unless they are selling PHP Bug Insurance].

Furthermore, if I was looking for advertising space, I'd hope that the advertising agency had enough brains to actually find the correctcontact address to arrange the deal...

Did you like our Spam?

For a while now, I've been receiving some spam "news" about investment opportunities. A while back I consigned it to my junk mail folder and forgot about it.

I just now received a telephone call from a company in luxembourg asking me if I had received their "investor email newsletter". I told them I had, and that I had been filing it as spam for a long time now.

Unperturbed (perhaps he is deaf?), this guy proceeds to ask me if this is something I am interested in.

Maybe I've just lost the energy to get angry with these people, so I politely said "no, I'm not interested I'm afraid". Luckily for me he said thank you and hung up.

Maybe I should start bouncing spam with "550 No spam, and no telephone calls either" :-)