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Slides: PHP Streams

Here are the slides from my Streams talk; they cover a variety of bits and pieces of streams background and implementation that may or may not be useful to you.

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Slides: PHP and COM

This slide deck is from php|works 2004. There's a lot of material in the speaker notes, which I've painstakingly pasted into the comment on the slideshare representation (wouldn't it be cool if it could automatically do that?).

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Just in case slideshare vanishes, the PowerPoint version is also available: PHP and COM

Slides: PDO

[I've just noticed that the re-design broke the various links from my blog to the slides I had been storing there. So I'm trying out slideshare; I'll be revisiting the slides I've given in the past and blogging one entry per presentation]

Here are the extended slides from my PDO talk. When I first put this talk together it was for a long hour slot, but conference sessions started to diminish in length and I had to pull out certain slides to avoid running over every time.

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Just in case slideshare vanishes, the PDF version is also available: PDO